You may have seen David Attenborough’s BBC programme “Climate Change – the Facts” that included a powerful call to arms for Government’s to start treating climate change as an emergency.

Greenpeace have responded by launching a petition calling on the UK Government to declare and climate emergency AND to act on it.  They have included a list of the sorts of actions our Government could do if they were serious about tackling climate change.  

(1) Ban all new oil and gas production in the UK, including fracking
(2) Triple renewable energy by 2030
(3) Plant 700 million trees
(4) Introduce a Frequent Flyer Tax
(5) End the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030
(6) Roll out free bus travel for young people and those on lower incomes
(7) End carbon emissions from heavy industry like steel and cement
(8) Create millions of jobs in a new green economy
(9) Retrofit our homes to go zero carbon
(10) Radically change the farming and food system to encourage a less meat-based diet

Reimagining the Levels supports these aims and would urge you to sign the petition if you have not already.  The only way the government will do any of this is if public opinion forces them to.

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