A hugely successful day with 53 invested attendees at Walton Village Hall on a sunny Friday. Guest speaker Stephen Moss entertained by succinctly identifying the necessity of planting more trees on the upper catchment to assist in flood resilience, increase bio-diversity and human well-being with examples from his extensive experience.

Paul Sander-Jackson announced the launch of the Somerset Tree Planting Fund, (more details on our home page – donate here) and Phil Stone presented his ideas on a Tree Planting Policy for Parish Councils to adopt.  The multiple benefits of community woodlands and orchards were explored and the reasons why every Parish should have them discussed.  People were asked to commit to ACTION on the learning taken from the day and we look forward to accounts of tree planting in our local parishes.

Throughout the day, attendees were refreshed by copious amounts of locally produced food and drink sourced exclusively from Somerset Local Food Direct https://www.localfooddirect.co.uk/

Tree Planting and Management Training days to be offered in September and October – watch this space.