Reimagining the Levels has partnered again with the Somerset Rivers Authority and FWAG for the 2021/22 planting season and together have enabled over 40 landowners and community groups who fit the Water Management Scheme criteria to plant much needed trees and hedgerows.  This is a tremendous scheme that is really making a difference to the landscape and water pathways of Somerset and we are grateful for the continued support these two organisations have given us. 

Mendip District Council have given us a grant for small landowners to plant trees, shrubs and hedgerows (without the need for the water management criteria) and we have had a good take up for this.  This comes as no surprise; the Mendips are experiencing a shocking rate of Ash dieback that watchful landowners are keen to remedy.  Both schemes are generous, offering a site visit to advise on the best planting and position, help with the application, free quality trees, guards and stakes plus a small remuneration for each tree or metre of hedge planted.

The lorry driver shortage and pandemic has meant there have been challenges getting both the trees and the guards and stakes delivered but with a little ingenuity this has been managed.  Thanks must go to one of our landowners who has allowed us the use of their barn to store the guards and stakes; this makes life considerably easier for getting them where they are needed.

Huge thanks again to the Woodland Trust who have provided most of the trees for our nursery, beautiful healthy and strong saplings packed and delivered with care.  Thanks to James and Emily Chapman for allowing us the use their land for the nursery and to our trusty volunteers who have kept the nursery in good condition, turned up at short notice to deal with a delivery, ‘heeled’ them in for their temporary stay and helped with digging back up, labelling and bagging for collection by the landowners for their permanent homes.

So far over 30000 strong and healthy trees and shrubs have left our nursery to take up permanent residence in land across Somerset, and we hope to more or less double that by the end of the season.  Our volunteers have been helping out with planting too; groups of 20 plus have planted hedges and trees in all sorts of beautiful settings and had immensely enjoyable days.  Why not join us, spend a day in the open doing something physical and worthwhile.  You will get to meet a range of interesting people and create some great memories, ones that will last too.  And of course children are actively encouraged, we have bought some child sized spades for them.

If you would like to be added to our volunteer mailing list, do get in touch.  If you would like to know about planting trees, shrubs or hedges on your land please contact us.  Either use the RtL contact us, or email