Reimagining the Levels Community Enterprise

In order to take forward the findings of the report regarding the local economy, we have formed a Community Benefit Society.

This is a legal entity which can have a membership, trade and support a wide variety of activities of community benefit to  the communities of the Levels and their catchments.

The objects of this organisation are to:
  • Trade in products primarily produced by sustainable production methods from the Somerset levels;
  • Enable community engagement which strengthens links between people's purchases and land management practices;
  • Develop new products using local and distinctive materials;
  • Support the development of new enterprises producing or trading in local products;
  • Promote training and apprenticeships in skills relevant to all objects;
  • Support new entrants to farming who wish to combine ecological land management with production for local markets;
  • Work with others who support these objects and to share premises with others including local business, cafes or restaurants, where that supports these objects.
If you want to get involved to help develop this important work, please get in touch using the contact form on the Contact Page.