We are a group of people active in a range of community based organisations and businesses on the Somerset Levels and its catchment. We are actively engaged in promoting a joined up approach to the actions that need to be taken by the whole community of the Somerset Levels to protect our fragile and vulnerable environment.

We believe that people need to take responsibility themselves. We believe that understanding the causes and together looking at the solutions to flooding across the entire catchment will lead to a new vision for rural land use. This will create a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable future for us all.

We aim to:
  •  Increase people’s understanding of how the Somerset Levels and its catchment work 
  •  Identify and share actions people can take to revitalise the landscape and safeguard the future.
  •  Engage people in influencing the decision making about the management of the landscape
  •  Launch an organisation which can promote the wellbeing of the Levels and its Catchment
You can download our main project report here.


“Rural Productivity on the Levels

During May and June 2017, the Rural Productivity Commission set up by the four Local Enterprise Partnerships in the South West of England has been taking evidence on the issues and opportunities facing the rural economy.  Reimagining the Levels made a written submission to the Commission, focussing on the communities and land-based businesses on the Somerset Levels and their catchment and highlighting the economic risks posed by climate change and flooding. Three members of the group attended the panel session on 9th June, presenting a 1-page summary of the group’s submission and answering questions.  A copy of the summary is available here.”